Drunk Monster Truck Fan Gives the Greatest Interview of All Time (Video)

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Brace yourself, internet. The woman you are about to meet is the most amazing drunk monster truck fan in the great state of Georgia and, therefore, probably the whole entire world. We don’t know her name, but that’s probably just as well. It’s much more fun to call her “drunk monster truck fan.”

The folks from the morning show on Atlanta’s Rock 101.5 thought it would be fun to go down to Monster Jam 2015 in Atlanta on Saturday and see what all the fuss was about. There they found this lady, and she was more than happy to share her thoughts on the subject.

The entire clip is 1:40 long. And in case you doubt just how amazing this interview is, here’s a transcript of the first 35 seconds:

Why is monster truck racing such a good time

Because it’s baaaad. Honey, I havvve a man who has five kids [inaudible slurring] together—

You have five kids?

Well, I don’t, but [inaudible slurring] together do. And he has a “dad truck.” His dad truck is a monster truck at home at home.

Your guy has a monster truck at home.

Oh yes, raise my hand to Georgia. We have a monster truck [inaudible slurring].

Is that how he got you, he showed you his monster truck?

Oh no, I got him, I said I do you right here in front of everybody.

See? That right there is solid gold. And Mrs. Drunk Monster Truck Fan goes on to tell the story about how she and her man, Mr. Drunk Monster Truck Fan, actually got together. (Hint: it has to do with cousins and banging.)

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