Erik Walden Celebrates Sack on Manning with a Little Soft Shoe Dancin’ (GIF)

Erik Walden

Erik Walden celebrated taking Broncos QB Peyton Manning to the ground in a pretty unorthodox fashion. It looks like he’s miming tap dancing, but it might be vaudeville, or he might be mimicking those animatronic robots at Chuck E. Cheese. In any event, it’s nice to see a simple, prop-less, old-timey celebration like this. The Colts linebacker┬ámust be a student of the Ickey Woods School of Showmanship.

Ladies, the line to step up for a dance with the Fabulous Erik Walden starts here. No pushing. Take a look:

Erik Walden


Notice how the ref starts to run up to him just as he stops. It’s probably to tell him to knock it off, but deep down, I think that ref was going to just whisper in his ear, “I really like the way you dance. Never stop.”

However, Walden did stop, so we’ll never know exactly what that ref had to say.

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