Matt Cooke Crosscheck Earns Him a Shea Weber Beatdown (Video)

shea weber takes matt cooke crosscheck to face

Matt Cooke crosscheck? The phrase immediately conjures up images of Matt Cooke’s dirty past, which was full of headshots and suspensions. However, the Matt Cooke crosscheck we’re talking about here wasn’t really dirty. It was an accident.

Just don’t tell Shea Weber that.

On Saturday night, Weber’s Predators played Cooke’s Wild in Minnesota. With two minutes left in the game and Nashville up 3-1, Cooke skated by Weber and ever so slightly bumped into him. However, Weber took exception to the contact, and Cooke circled around to confront him. That’s when it happened—Weber went to crosscheck Cooke, Cooke put his hands up for a defensive crosscheck, and he ended up catching Weber right in the face.

Incensed, Weber immediately dropped the gloves and pounded Cooke into submission before he knew what hit him.

Take a look:

There may be more to this situation than the crosscheck. For all we know, Cooke was pestering Weber all night. Maybe Weber had had enough. But the Matt Cooke crosscheck was in no way a blatant cheap shot. It was just one of those things that’s going to happen from time to time when you have angry men skating around with sticks in their hands.

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