Paul Ryan Trolls Chris Christie With Pro-Packers Tweet (Pic)

Paul Ryan trolls Chris Christie

See below as Paul Ryan trolls Chris Christie with a kinda-funny slam from one Republican politician to another.

No partisanship here, folks. This is just one football fan making fun of another for being all up Jerry Jones’ butt the past few weeks. And regardless of our political or NFL allegiances, we can all enjoy slamming Chris Christie for his bizarre bandwagonism.

Paul Ryan trolls Chris Christie with a Tweet of himself at Lambeau and what I’m guessing is some wholesome-looking family that he rented on Craigslist. I mean, what family looks like that? It looks like a back-to-school catalog.

Here’s the Tweet:

I guess they weren’t allowed to bring a golden retriever named “Bandit” with a bandana around its neck into the stadium.

Also, I’m pretty sure that Bill Simmons and Paul Ryan might be becoming the same person, but I’ll wait another year to make that call.

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