12 Year-Old Cade Pope Wrote Every NFL Team, And Only the Panthers Replied (Video)

Cade Pope

Cade Pope sent letters to every NFL team‘s owner, asking them for some advice on who to root for. Of the 32 teams in the league, only the Carolina Panthers respond.

I’m shocked that Jacksonville didn’t send a whole delegation to this kid, but other than that, I get it. I mean, the kid declares himself a “free agent” in his fandom in the letter, which we sadly don’t have.

I mean, the nerve of this Cade Pope kid, right? Like his support is so important. You’re from Oklahoma. Just pick the Cowboys and be done with it. Or, if your dad is in prison, the Raiders. Frankly, if you’re going to resort to gimmicks like this, treating the NFL like your own personal version of The Bachelor, how much is your support really worth? And the name “Cade Pope”? Really?

Watch this:

Only the Carolina Panthers responded with this:

“Cade we would be honored if our Carolina Panthers became your team, we would make you proud by the classy way we would represent you.”

Ugh. “Classy?” You two deserve each other. The rest of us will just support the teams that we were unlucky enough to live near when we grew up.

I wish Al Davis was alive so he could write back a three-word note:

Kid: Piss off.”

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