Celebrating Ohio State Fans Turn Columbus Into a War Zone (Pics + Videos)

celebrating ohio state fans

Last night, celebrating Ohio State fans took their team’s College Football Playoff victory as an excuse to take to the streets. Many fans were jubilant and just wanted to share the excitement of a national championship with others. But of course, some people used Ohio State’s decisive win over Oregon to vandalize, riot, and basically turn Columbus, Ohio into a pretty unpleasant place.

The cops were everywhere last night and had to resort to using tear gas and tactical officers to help keep the peace. However, they couldn’t be everywhere at once, and there was very little they could do to stop 8,000 (yup) celebrating Ohio State fans from storming their campus’ football field and ripping down the goal posts.

Does that make any sense? Nope, but drunken mobs rarely act rationally.

Shortly before the pepper spray shower. #PepperSprayIsDelicious #GoBucks #ImTooOldForThis #BrBGonnaFlipACar

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Campus right now! #OSU #2015NationalChampions

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Well, that’s one way to celebrate your school’s victory—by trashing the campus and its town.

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