Ezekiel Elliott Gets Caught Up in the Moment, Eats Some Confetti (Video)

Ezekiel Elliott

I’m not saying that Ezekiel Elliott sticking his tongue out to catch confetti in his mouth was a brilliant idea, but I understand it. After having an epic night on the ground with 246 rushing yards and four touchdowns, he wanted to celebrate, balls-out. And a balls-out celebration to Ezekiel Elliott apparently means eating paper falling from the sky. TO EACH THEIR OWN!

Here’s a video of Ezekiel confusing colorful paper with snow—and also in the video you’ll notice no one is telling him to knock it off:

It merits mentioning that Ezekiel Elliott doesn’t quite seem to land any “snowflakes” on his tongue, instead just sitting their sorta slack jawed and silly-looking. Sort of like how Oregon fans looked in the second half.

I like the way Zeke celebrates, though. Do you think there was any chance he WASN’T the kid who would eat a whole bottle of Elmer’s glue during kindergarten? He definitely was.

After last night’s performance, you can bet that the OSU boosters will be treating Eliott to confetti, paste, and likely whatever the hell other craft supplies he wants to consume for the next few months.

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