High School Running Back Karon Keyes Jukes Defenders Legs Right Off at BOOM Football Camp (Video)

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Unless you’re really into the Lombard, Illinois, high school football scene, you’ve probably never heard of Karon Keyes. However, after watching this video, you probably won’t forget him any time soon.

Keyes is a high school running back at Glenbard East High in the aforementioned Lombard. Over the weekend he took part in a football camp for college prospects at Midwest BOOM Football Club.

We have no idea who the defender is. But given the way Keyes surgically removed his legs with that filthy juke, it’s probably just as well. As it is he’ll probably have to transfer to some rural school in Iowa now. Nobody in northern Illinois is going to let him live this down.

As for Keyes, he’s a member of the class of 2016. And now that this clip has gone viral, you can bet he’s going to get a lot of phone calls from college recruiters.

Actually, what am I talking about? This is 2015. College recruiters will probably just tweet at him. You can find him on Twitter yourself. He’s @k_keyes29.

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