Kevin Garnett Headbutts Dwight Howard, Throws Ball at Him (Video)

Kevin Garnett headbutts Dwight Howard

Kevin Garnett had another one of his moments on Tuesday night—and believe me, there’s been a few of them this season.

It happened in the first quarter of Brooklyn’s game against the Houston Rockets.  After getting tangled with Dwight Howard under the Nets’ rim, Garnett and Dwight Howard exchanged subtle shots before things really got out of hand, leading to a Kevin Garnett ball toss and headbutt, followed by a heated scrum between both teams.

As if the headbutt wasn’t already enough, Garnett attempted to get at Dwight Howard several times after the two had been broken up.  Unfortunately, he failed to get his hands on the Rockets’ center and was subsequently booted from the game.

You can watch as Kevin Garnett headbutts Dwight Howard in the video below:

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