LeBron James Pushes His Coach While Arguing With an Official (Video)

LeBron James pushes his coach

If almost any other player in the NBA were to shove his coach, he’d probably find himself sitting in a cozy spot at the end of the bench.  But when LeBron James pushes his coach, a different set of rules apply.

According to LeBron‘s special set of rules, he’s allowed to continue playing as if nothing has happened after pushing his coach.  Sure, it may look like LeBron was pushing David Blatt in an attempt to save him from receiving a technical while arguing a foul, but we’ve all seen this type of stuff happen before between LeBron and Blatt.  So we know better by now.

Check it out:

Okay, maybe LeBron was doing the pushing in good faith.  That’s not going to stop us from talking about it.

Here’s a look at the entire play that led to LeBron pushing his head coach out of the way:


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