The 9 Best Sports Cartoonists Ever

sports cartoonists

Sports cartoonists are a breed of artist/journalist that seem to be dying out at a rate even faster than print media is. So it’s understandable that few people have been cataloguing and studying their work the way they did in the past. That being said, the recent terror attack in Paris against the Charlie Hebdo offices killing both writers and cartoonists, all over a cartoon depicting Muslim prophet Muhammed, has resulted in a resurged interest in cartoons.

Since we’re not the type of site to cover political cartoons or Family Circus, we’re going to take a look at the work, both past and present, of sports cartoonists. Sports cartoonists have been around as long as sports journalism has. Some of them are still cranking out work and some are retired/deceased. But if you get a few minutes, Google some of their work and see what you think. They could use the support these days.

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