Injured LeBron James Takes an Ice Bath After First Game Back (Video)

injured lebron james

As if losing a nail biter to the Phoenix Suns wasn’t bad enough, the injured LeBron James had to go home to something that may have been worse: An ice bath.

Yup, a bathtub full of ice water. Yikes. I think the cure might be worse than the disease.

The injured LeBron James took about two weeks off to rest his lower back and right knee, citing this time off as “the most difficult thing I have been through.” And this guy’s been through some unpleasant stuff.

He made this video for Bleacher Report’s “Uninterupted” of him getting in the ice bath in what I assume is his hotel room (he says he’s in L.A.), maybe as penance or to show that yeah, he must really be injured, otherwise why would he be doing this to himself?

Take a look:

If you ever wondered how Leo DiCaprio’s character felt at the end of Titanic, this is probably it. Not fun to see anyone have to go through this for an injury, even if you’re not a fan of Cleveland or LeBron.

Remarkably, this video only had ten views at the time it was posted, so become one of the elite by watching it.