Watch Miss Universe Contestants Golf with Donald Trump at His New Golf Course (Video)

miss universe contestants golf with donald trump

Why did the 2014 Miss Universe contestants golf with Donald Trump this week in Florida? Because Donald Trump owns the Miss Universe pageant, which means Donald Trump is their boss. So they do whatever he tells them to do. And this week he told them to be on hand to help christen his new “Red Tiger” course at the Trump National Doral golf resort outside Miami…which, incidentally, will host the Miss Universe Pageant on January 25.

Now, as you can see from the photo above, the 2014 Miss Universe contestants were not wearing typical golf clothes. So they didn’t actually play a full round of golf. However, after Donlad himself took the very first ceremonial tee-shot at his new course, he had every one of his ladies take one, too. In their ridiculous dresses and extremely high heels.

It was pretty weird. Take a look:

I told you those dresses were ridiculous, didn’t I? Miss Israel is wearing something straight out of Back to the Future II. I wouldn’t be surprised if the thing dries itself and has autofit technology. Meanwhile, Miss Lithuania seems to have turned a set of camouflage drapes into some sort of tunic.

Thanks for the absurd photo op, Mr. Trump.

Hat Tip – [CBS Sports]

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