This Soccer Front-Flip Throw-In Goal is Impressive, But Did It Count? (Video)

Soccer front-flip throw-in goal

This front-flip throw-in goal by Michael Del Lewis of McKinney Boyd High School is impressive, but does it count?  Can you actually throw the ball into the opposing team’s goal in soccer, a sport that penalizes players for touching the ball with their hands?

Upon first glance, I didn’t think there was any way this goal could stand.  But apparently, according to the rules of soccer, it should stand! (I can’t confirm whether or not the refs allowed it to stand in this particular game, but they should have.)

First, you should watch the front-flip throw-in goal by Michael Del Lewis:

Notice how the ball hit the hand of the outstretched goalkeeper before it crossed the line?  That’s all it took to turn this highlight from a meaningless play to an unbelievable goal that has since gone viral.

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