Tyson Chandler Flop Gives Mavs the Win, Will Probably Get Him a Fine (Video)

Tyson Chandler flop

A Tyson Chandler flop in the last 30 seconds of last night’s tied Mavs-Kings game gave the Dallas Mavericks the ball, caused DeMarcus Cousins to foul out, and shifted the momentum from the Kings to the Mavs for the first time all night. However, it was a pretty egregious demonstration, and it’s likely that the Tyson Chandler flop will earn the Mavs’ center a fine of about $5,000.

Not a bad price to pay for a win. Here’s the video:

Yeah, even from afar, you can see the flop. I’m surprised the ref, Lauren Holtkamp, fell for it despite being so close to the play. But she did, and the Mavs were in the driver’s seat from that point forward, eventually winning the game in overtime by a score of 108-104..

Yup. Basically. That means you could have an unbeaten season for $410,000. SOMEONE TELL THE 76ERS!!!

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