Beach Golfer Lands Sweet Underwater Hole in One (Video)

underwater hole in one

This beach golfer‘s underwater hole in one shows just how much more decadent you can make golf. It’s pretty fancy when you’re at an expensive country club with lush, green fairways. However, it becomes even more amazing when you get to hit balls from the sand in your bare feet while wearing a swimsuit.

Take this underwater hole in one, however crazy it is, with a grain of salt. I mean, the “hole” is a bucket, and it’s not like we get one continuous shot of the ball falling in the hole. Rather, we have to take the word of a couple guys with a waterproof GoPro and a selfie stick. Not the most credible bunch.

Take a look:

That’s the life. I mean, even if this took 200 attempts, not that crazy, right? I mean, that’s like an hour of sitting on the beach whacking at golf balls. I could do that. ANYONE WITH ARMS could do that.

But it still looks really pleasant.

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