Badass Winnipeg Jets Fan Has Sweet Dance Moves and Amazing Fashion Sense (Video)

winnipeg jets fan

Winnipeg is not exactly known for it’s nightlife. I’m sure it’s a lovely town with many lovely things, and I’m sure you can get as drunk (if not drunker) there as you can anywhere else in the Western world. But when it comes to partying, my understanding is that Winnipeg is not exactly the Las Vegas of the Canadian Prairies. (Everyone knows the Las Vegas of the Canadian Prairies is Regina, Saskatchewan, right?)

That being said, if for some utterly insane reason you ever do find yourself in Winnipeg in January and you want to party, don’t fret. You just have to find this Winnipeg Jets fan. He has lots of sweet dance moves and a keen sense of fashion.

Plus, I’m pretty sure he knows where to buy drugs.

Check him out:

Best we can tell, this is from Tuesday night’s Jets-Panthers game. So if it looks like the fans, including Mr. Fur Coat Guy, are having even more fun than usual, there’s a very good reason. The Jets, who are surprisingly good this year, won 8-2.

Go Winnipeg.

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