This 76ers Fan Just Won the Internet with His Custom Made 76ers Tank Hat (Pics)

Right now you might be wondering, what the hell is a 76ers tank hat?

Well, I’ll tell you what a 76ers tank hat is. It’s a knit winter hat with a Philadelphia 76ers logo and a tank on it. Like, an armored military tank.

Who owns such a hat? A 31-year-old Sixers fan from Delaware named Eric Negron does. Two weeks ago, Negron challenged his co-worker, Sarita Amber, to make a custom 76ers hat with a tank on top of it in honor of the team’s rebuilding strategy of tanking, or losing as much as possible so as to acquire high draft picks and eventually build an affordable winning team.

“You make me a tank hat with the Sixers logo,” Negron recounted to, “and I’ll rock the heck out of it.”

So she made him the hat. And he is indeed rocking the heck out of it.

Take a look:

76ers tank hat 1

76ers tank hat 2

76ers tank hat 3

Absolutely amazing.

Sarita Amber, whoever you are, please take this free advice: get a few friends to help you crank a bunch of these babies out, set up an Etsy store, and sell them for $40 a piece. The logo isn’t a perfect representation, so they probably won’t sue you for copyright infringement.

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