Doris Burke in Heels Can Still Break Your Ankles and Dish (Videos)

Doris Burke in heels

It’s easy to write off studio hosts as simply talking heads in suits (or skirts).¬†Even ESPN host Doris Burke in heels, however, has a pedigree.

Burke played ball at Providence, and even at 50 years old, she’s still got some chops. Of course, we forget the accolades of the studio hosts when they start cracking wise remarks and running through highlights, but Doris Burke in heels will remind us with a few moves.

Here’s my favorite:

I’m guessing in a skirt it’s easier to go behind the back than through the legs, but that’s just a guess. I do know that Tim Hardaway never had to deal with that issue.

Burke led the Big East in assists her senior year, and that part of her brain still appears to be very active as well.

Here’s Doris Burke in heels and a skirt passing up the rock to Jalen Rose:

We’ve already started to see the trend in which the studio hosts go out on a little field or court to demonstrate a move from a game. Sometimes it works, sometimes it feels gratuitous. But when we get awesome surprises like these, it doesn’t seem like such a bad gimmick.

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