Maxim Model and Dallas Stars Fan Jenna Jenovich Tried to Distract the Senators with Her Ample Bosom

jenna jenovich

Meet Jenna Jenovich. She is a native of Dallas, Texas, a huge Dallas Stars fan, and a Maxim model. I bring her up because she went to the Stars-Senators game in Dallas on Tuesday and, like any true fan, she did whatever she could to give the home team the advantage.

Of course, given Jenna’s particular skillset, and the fact that her seats were right up against the glass, giving the home team the advantage entailed wearing a low-cut shirt and distracting the Senators with her voluptuous breasts.

Or at least, that was her stated plan. Take a look:

In reality, you would think her epic cleavage was just as distracting to Stars players as Senators players. Then again, after a sluggish start that saw the Stars fall behind 3-1 in the first period, they did come back to win the game 5-4. So if Jenna Jenovich’s boobs didn’t distract the Sens, they may have been good luck for the Stars.

Hat Tip – [Fan Sided]

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