Did This NJ High School Hockey Player Score the Goal of the Year? (Video)

nj high school hockey player

Yes. This NJ high school hockey player DID just score the goal of the year…

Well, to be more specific, one NJ high school hockey player did some crazy work to get an assist, and one knocked in a goal that was handed to him on a silver platter.  One did the heavy lifting with some very fancy puck-handling, and the other essentially threw down the alley-oop.

Julian Kislin can’t get enough assists in the world to give him credit for the workup to his pass to teammate Masx Halverson. I think Julian deserves about seven assists for this pass, for the record.

Take a look. I dare you to argue:

Behind the back spin while sending the puck between the legs of an opponent, effortless dodge, shoulder fake, then a pass between the legs of another defender. It all happens so quickly that you almost take for granted the skill required for these moves, let alone the exponential difficulty of doing them in succession.

Oh, Julian is 15 years old. And a defenseman. Understandably, this NJ high school hockey player is regarded as one of the most promising U-16 prospects in the country.

Sure, we’re only a couple weeks into 2015, but this is the current front-runner for “hockey play of the year.”

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