Ohio State Fan Annoys Everyone at a Buffalo Wild Wings (Video)

Ohio State fan

This Ohio State fan proves that the passion that makes college football one of the best sports also makes it among the most obnoxious.

Homeboy here, dining in the lap of luxury at Buffalo Wild Wings with his girlfriend, took to screaming at all the patrons that Ohio State had eight national championships and Oregon had zero. What this had to do with the game being played is beyond me, but these are the types of things college football fans scream about, regardless if anyone’s interested in listening.

Check the video, and watch this loudmouth Ohio State fan get scolded by his girlfriend. (Aside: Why does he have a girlfriend?):

Unfortunately, against the laws of karma, Ohio State won.  But if it’s any consolation, this Ohio State fan probably doesn’t remember it.

Also, I’m sure the girlfriend is keeping this incident in her pocket until it’s time for her to break up with him (if she hasn’t already).

Hat Tip – [TheBigLead]

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