After Getting Ejected, Real Sociedad Coach David Moyes Took a Seat in the Stands and Ate Some Fans’ Chips (Videos)

real sociedad coach david moyes

Real Sociedad coach David Moyes knows that when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

On Wednesday night, his team played the second leg of their Copa Del Rey matchup against Villarreal, and with the game tied 2-2 but Sociedad trailing 3-2 on aggregate, Moyes took his frustrations out on the referees. After his team was whistled for an offside, Moyes made a glasses gesture with his hands over his eyes, implying the officials should maybe get their eyesight examined. So the refs ejected him.

However, Moyes didn’t storm off the pitch in a fit of rage, kicking and screaming and hurling invectives. Instead, he calmly climbed over the advertising boarding and took a seat in the stands amongst fans.

Then he ate some of their potato chips. Like a boss.

Take a look:

Personally I prefer it when a manager goes ballistic after getting ejected, kicks dirt on the official, and picks up third base and throws it into the outfield. But of course there is no third base in soccer, nor is there an outfield. So this is about as stylish as a soccer manager ejection gets.

Well done, Moyes.

Hat Tip – [101 Great Goals]

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