Referee Brad Watson Thinks The NHL’s Ducks Play In Atlanta (Video)

Referee Brad Watson Atlanta call

There’s probably a lot of people in America who couldn’t tell you which city the NHL’s Ducks call home. (Anaheim,duh!)

But if there’s one person (besides any member of the Ducks’ organization) who I’d bet my life on them knowing which city the Ducks play out of, it’s probably referee Brad Watson, who was officiating Wednesday night’s game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Anaheim Ducks at the Honda Center in Anaheim

…And I’d be dead. Because Brad Watson seemed to think he was in Atlanta for last night’s game. Allow me to explain:

Midway through the first period, the Leafs earned two, two-minute penalties on the same play.  Late in their 5-on-3 powerplay, the Ducks’ Kyle Palmieri scored on a shot from just above the goal line, but with the officials thinking the puck had hit the crossbar, play was allowed to continue and Ducks defenseman Hampus Lindholm scored on a wrist shot from the point just five seconds later. Upon further review, it was clear that Palmieri’s shot had gone in, and when it did, the penalties still had four seconds remaining. So one of the Leafs players had to remain in the penalty box for four seconds, while the other could exit because the Ducks had scored.

It’s all standard protocol for anyone who knows hockey, but it can be quite a handful to explain to thousands of people who really just want you to give them their goal and get on with the game. So when Brad Watson had to step up to the mic and educate the masses, he buckled under the pressure and forgot that he’s in Anaheim, not Atlanta.

Check it out:

You’ve got to love his reaction.

Let’s face it.  Brad Watson is an NHL referee, not a Broadway actor. As long as he makes the right call on the ice, he can screw up as many lines as he pleases.

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