This Bill Belichick Tattoo Is All Sorts Of Awesome (Pic)

Bill Belichick tattoo

Tattoos commemorating one’s favorite sports team never really seemed like a good idea to me…until I saw this Bill Belichick tattoo.

What makes it so awesome? It’s a combination of things.  For starters, there’s the likeness of Belichick’s face, which is actually quite impressive.  Throw in the stern look and trademark hoodie he’s sporting, along with the words “Belichick Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself,” and I think you can safely say this Patriots fan has a modern day masterpiece on his left forearm.

Check it out:

He’ll obviously end up regretting this tattoo at some point in his life—maybe as soon as Sunday, should the Patriots fall to the Colts in the AFC Championship Game—but that time is not now.  And let’s face it. Anyone who gets a Bill Belichick tattoo is probably not the type that likes to think too far ahead—or think at all, for that matter.


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