This Little Kid Is the Next Bruce Lee, So Don’t Piss Him Off (Video)

Next bruce lee

In case you were wondering what the next Bruce Lee looks like, he’s short, he’s got a bunch of nunchucks, and he’s wearing Uma Thurman’s bodysuit from Kill Bill.

He may look adorable, but I’m guessing this kid had caused his parents a LOT of heartburn and broken housewares as he trains to be the next Bruce Lee. Broken dishes and a bloodied dog are a small price to pay to learn the art of stealth war.

Watch the video and put on some protective glasses:

This little kid doesn’t seem to have a name online, so I suggest we name him “Dragon Breath.” And then we drop him in an evil lair, and let him take down henchman two at a time with badly dubbed ninja screams.

However, if you go a little further into the video (like 30 seconds in) you’ll see that Dragon Breath doesn’t have a lot of moves. He mostly just flips the nunchucks around and sticks his hand out. And if you’re really obedient, you’ll stop what you’re doing when the hand comes out, but I’m not sure henchman yield to a hand gesture. Maybe toss a kick in there, too.

Hat Tip – [WSHH]

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