This Quebec Hockey Brawl Is Insane, and It Happened Before the Game Even Started (Video)

quebec hockey brawl

If you’re not familiar with the Ligue Nord-Americaine de Hockey, it’s a low-level semi-pro league in Quebec, and it specializes in goonery. Basically, every team is modelled after the Chiefs from the hockey classic Slap Shot.

I mention this so as to provide a little context for the video you’re about to watch. It features an all-out, no-holds-barred, bench-clearing brawl between the Braves de Laval and the COOL-FM 103.5 de Saint-George.

That’s right. COOL-FM 103.5 is the team’s name.

Anyway, this Quebec hockey brawl would be noteworthy even for the LNAH. But what makes it absolutely insane is the fact that it occurred before the game even started.

Guys were skating around for pre-game warmups, and all of a sudden everybody just starts fighting each other. By the end, like five guys were naked from the waste up, and you half expected somebody to grab a folding chair and whack the referee over the head.

Behold the insanity for yourself. The fighting begins around the 1:35 mark:

The referees handed out a whopping 112 penalty minutes in the aftermath of the melee, before the game started.

The league handed out far more severe punishments. Laval owners Eric Lajeunesse and Dannick Lessard plus team CEO Lucien Paquette have been suspended until June…2017! Meanwhile, Laval players Clint Butler and Maxime Bouchard are suspended for the rest of the regular season and playoffs, while five other Laval players received shorter suspensions.

Several COOL-FM players were also suspended initially. However, the team appealed those suspensions, arguing that their players were just defending themselves. And the league had a change of heart.

Point is: wow.

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