Rory McIlroy Hole in One at Abu Dhabi Is First Of His Career (Video)

Rory McIlroy hole in one

This Rory McIlroy hole in one marks just one more thing the overachieving young golfer can cross off his PGA to-do list.

It was accomplished during a trip to Abu Dhabi in which he knocked down a second round score of 66 at the Abu Dhabi Championship. He was playing with Ricky Fowler at the time, who threw up his hands and gave Rory a huge high five after the hole in one.

Despite having achieved most everything else on a golf course, Rory‘s never knocked down an ace before as a PGA professional, so this was certainly cause for celebration.

Here’s the clip:


However, this hole in one puts McIlroy in only third place, so he might need to keep the mojo going to surpass leader Martin Kaymar, and 22 year-old Belgian upstart Thomas Pieters.

Just a few more hole in ones should narrow the gap nicely for Rory. Not so hard, is it?

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