Fit Female’s Pull-Up Routine Is Impressive (Video)

Marisa Inda pull-up routine

There’s probably some of you reading this who can’t even do a single pull-up. And there is probably also a few of you who can do 20 in a row without a struggle. Whatever the case may be, I can assure you that out of everyone who reads this, not one of you has as impressive a pull-up routine as fitness junkie* Marisa Inda.

There are a lot of incredible things that Marisa can do, like front squat 225 lbs, or climb a rope.  She demonstrates it all on her Instagram page (you have to see her push-up routine), but perhaps no performance is more impressive than what she does on the pull-up bar.

You can check out Marisa Inda’s pull-up routine, to the tune of “Here Comes the Rain Again,” in the video below:

And here’s one of her push-up routines:

*Let’s face it, if there’s one type of junkie that you want to be, it’s a fitness junkie.

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