This Russell Westbrook Interview Is Just Like Marshawn Lynch’s Postgame Interviews (Video)

Russell Westbrook interview execution

I hope Marshawn Lynch wasn’t planning on using “execution” as his go-to answer for this Sunday’s postgame interview following the NFC Championship Game.  If he was, he’s going to have to find a new word because “execution” was already used last night during the Russell Westbrook interview following Oklahoma City’s 127-115 victory over the Golden State Warriors.

Westbrook put up a monster statline, with 17 points, 17 assists, 15 rebounds, and 4 steals, and his team ended the Warriors’ 8-game winning streak.  So he obviously wasn’t upset about what happened out on the court Friday night. Rather, his anger seemed to be caused by one of the reporters that was present during his postgame media scrum.  We’re not sure what caused this tension between Westbrook and the reporter, but it led to one heck of an awkward postgame interview.

You can check out the Russell Westbrook interview in the video below:

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