NFL Threatens To Eject Marshawn Lynch For Gold Cleats (Pic)

Marshawn Lynch gold cleats

Marshawn Lynch was supposed to wear the gold cleats you see in the image above for today’s NFC Championship Game against the Green Bay Packers.  That was before the NFL caught wind of the Seahawks running back’s planned uniform violation, threatening to eject him if he wears them onto the field.

According to FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer, Lynch was later told that if he wore the cleats onto the field, he wouldn’t be allowed to take part in the game until he changes them.  Not wanting to jeopardize his participation in such a big game, Lynch obliged by leaving his gold cleats in the locker room.

The NFL will sometimes choose to fine players for wearing improper colors on their cleats, but that tends to happen in cases where the color change is intended to bring about awareness towards some sort of issue or charity.  As far as we know, Lynch’s gold cleats aren’t intended to promote any of those, hence the threat of an ejection rather than a fine.


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