This Meathead Needs to Work on His Gym Etiquette (Video)

gym etiquette

Gym etiquette really isn’t all that complicated. The most essential things to remember are don’t hog the equipment, don’t leave your sweat all over the place, and don’t walk around naked.

Sure, there are lots of other things you can do to not be a douche. But those are the basics, and they don’t stray too far from common sense.

The guy in the video you are about to watch? He is a huge doucheā€”an impressively huge, badass douche whom I would never actually confront. Watch as this meathead violates the first rule of gym etiquette in the absolute worst way possible. He looks around for a weight to put on his barbell, and when he can’t find it…

Obviously, there’s a pretty significant chance that this little scene was staged for comedic effect. But if that’s the case, it definitely works. That is some funny sh*t.

Well, funny from afar, maybe. It probably wasn’t so funny to the guy who nearly broke his neck.

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