Doug Baldwin Rant Blasts Seahawks “Haters” and “Doubters”—So, Pretty Much Everybody (Video)

doug baldwin rant

So Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin was feeling pretty feisty after Sunday’s thrilling comeback victory against the Packers. First he got all snarky about Deion Sanders during his post-game interview down on the field. Then he sought out more reporters to b*tch out all the other “haters” and “doubters” who didn’t believe in the Seahawks with every fibre of their being.

Here’s Baldwin yelling at Neon Deion (with Deion’s reaction):

And here is the Doug Baldwin rant against the haters and doubters:


In our defense, Doug Baldwin, sometimes you win the game in the first half. So yes, you’re damn right we thought you were finished at halftime. You were down 16-0 and Russell Wilson had about as many interceptions as completions. If the situation was reversed and the Packers were trailing 16-0, we would have thought they were finished, too. Don’t take it personally.

And yeah, we doubted whether the Seahawks would make the playoffs midway through the season. You lost to three teams that didn’t make the playoffs, you were 3-3 after Week 7, and you were 6-4 after Week 11.

Good on you guys for using the criticism as motivation turning things around. But all that doubt was very rational. Not sorry.

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