Jermaine Kearse Game-Winning Touchdown Gets Tecmo Bowl Treatment (Video)

Jermaine Kearse game-winning touchdown tecmo bowl

The Jermaine Kearse game-winning touchdown that capped the Seattle Seahawks’ incredible 28-22 comeback victory in overtime vs. the Green Bay Packers may be the biggest play so far from this year’s NFL Playoffs (if you don’t include all the blow calls by officials).

So obviously, it’s going to get the Tecmo Bowl treatment.

Here’s what Russell Wilson‘s 35 yard TD pass to Jermaine Kearse—which sent the Seahawks to their second consecutive Super Bowl—looks like in Tecmo Bowl’s 8-bit format:

Will this be the final Tecmo Bowl highlight of the NFL season?  Or do the Patriots and/or Seahawks have one more in store for Super Bowl XLIX?

Hat Tip – [@JordanSlocum]

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