Michael Bennett Celebrates Seahawks Win on a Police Bike (Video)

michael bennett

We all celebrate in our own ways, but I think we can agree that Michael Bennett found the most adorable way to celebrate the Seahawks win over the Packers on Sunday. He jumped on a police bike onĀ CenturyLink Field and took it for a spin. This of course raises a few questions:

1. Why do cops have police bikes on the field? I mean, I know there’s some ground to cover, but are you really going to bike over to the other side?

2. Will Michael Bennett get in trouble for this? I’m sure Michael Bennett won’t, but would the average person? Is it like celebrating by joyriding in a cop car?

3. Where can I do this?

Here’s a clip of the man-child taking his two-wheeler out for a spin. You can’t help but like it:

I guess if we’re adhering to the law of raising stakes, this means that Michael Bennett will need to take out a police motorcycle onto the field if the Hawks win the Super Bowl. That could be a taller order, but would be totally awesome.

And if you’re in the market, as some bonus footage, here’s a slightly more whimsical take on the bike-riding, complete with soundtrack by Queen.

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