Ref Winks at Blackhawks Bench, Pisses Off Predators Coach Peter Laviolette (Video)

Ref winks at Blackhawks, Peter Laviolette mad

Peter Laviolette, head coach of the Nashville Predators, isn’t going to sit by as a ref winks at his opponents’ bench.

We learned this fun fact thanks to a show called Beneath the Ice, which is a local reality show that follows the Predators’ season. In this clip, taken from a December 29th game against the Blackhawks, we see Laviolette go kind of ballistic after a ref winks at Blackhawks players on the bench.

Did the ref actually wink? Did Laviolette actually see it?

Who know. But I would be pretty pisses if I saw that, too. However, is it even possible for a ref to do that and not have it caught on camera? Maybe, but it’s unlikely.

Watch the clip and feel the wrath of Peter Laviolette:

I find it unlikely that someone would make that up. And I doubt that a coach would say “everyone” saw it without some corroboration.

That doesn’t mean it was sinister, though. Referee Kevin Pollock was likely just flirting with a cute player or two. Let’s not make a big deal out of it. Makes me sick.

Hat Tip – [Puck Daddy]

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