Russell Wilson’s Postgame Footage Got Pretty Emotional (Video)

Russell Wilson's postgame footage

Russell Wilson‘s postgame footage after an improbable late-game rally against the Green Bay Packers managed to match the considerable excitement we saw on the field.

Moments after closing a 12-point gap late in the fourth quarter to win the NFC Championship, the Seahawks QB offered up a heartfelt statement that likely turned casual fans into Seahawks fans for the Super Bowl. Or at the very least, Russell Wilson fans for the Super Bowl.

There’s not much point in summarizing Russell Wilson’s postgame footage. It’s good enough, and short enough, that you should probably just watch it. It might just sway you to root for the ‘Hawks.

Take a look:

He must be a passionate dude to shed tears heading to the Super Bowl after just last year dominating the Broncos and winning the big one.

After the year the NFL has had, they’re probably quick to hang their hat on honest displays like this one from Wilson. And can ya blame ’em?

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