A Bunch of Seahawks Fans Left the Game Early, Missing the Comeback (Tweets)

seahawks fans

Seahawks fans sure do like to play up their role as the “12th man,” an intangible force that gives their team a huge advantage playing in the echo chamber that is CenturyLink Field. However, their showing was less-than-spectacular on Sunday as many Seahawks fans left the NFC Championship game early, with Green Bay winning late in the fourth quarter. It proved to be a pretty bad decision, as a confluence of good fortune and strong performances got Seattle back in the game late, then put them on top in overtime.

There’s nothing better than the air of superiority you feel when you find out another team’s fans flaked out during such a big moment for the team. Maybe Seattle fans aren’t the 12th man. The 12th toddler, maybe, but not “MAN.” I guess they had somewhere more important to be. Maybe Starbucks or some organic grocery co-op.

Want some proof? We got proof:

I mean, these aren’t corporate casual fans here. These guys have jerseys. What were they thinking?

Someone should teach these fans how to watch a football game or have them give their tickets to fans that already know. Maybe they were tired from playing flip cup since dawn

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