Adult Film Star Tori Black Supports the Seahawks (Video)

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If you’re looking for a sports team to root for, but don’t know which one to choose, there are plenty of ways to help you make a decision.  The easiest would be to simply cheer for your hometown team (or the closest team to your hometown).

Another interesting option would be to choose the team that your favorite porn star roots for.  For example, if you’re a Mia Khalifa fan, you’re going to cheer for the Florida State Seminoles at the college level.  And if you prefer porn star Tori Black ahead of all others, then the Seattle Seahawks would be your new NFL team.

That’s right.  Tori Black is a Seahawks fan.  And she reminded us all of that fact on Instagram when she congratulated her favorite team following their NFC Championship victory over the Packers.  Unfortunately, she missed the Seahawks’ comeback performance because she was busy putting on a performance of her own (she had a solo shoot), but that didn’t stop her from celebrating the victory afterwards. Tori Black was born in Seattle and claims to be a true Seahawks fan:

So this isn’t just some case of a porn star trying to get into the pants of the Legion of Boom. Porn star Tori Black really is a member of the 12th Man.

I’m already a 49ers fan, but if I were looking for a team and had to use the “favorite porn star” formula, I guess Tori would make me a Seahawks fan.

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