UFC’s Conor McGregor Gives Dennis Siver the Finger Before Beating Him Senseless (Video + GIF)

conor mcgregor gives dennis siver the finger

It’s not very much fun to fight UFC featherweight Conor McGregor right now. The 26-year-old Irishman is tearing up the UFC.

However, if you do have the misfortunte of having to face him in the Octagon, you probably don’t want to piss him off by being an unsportmanlike douche. He will flip you off, and then he will beat the everliving sh*t out of you.

Just ask Dennis Siver. He and McGregor headlined UFC Fight Night at TD Gardens in Boston on Sunday, and before the bout Siver refused to touch gloves with McGregor. So McGregor gave him the old middle-finger salute.

Fox Sports 1 cut away from the gesture, because watching grown men beat each other up is fine, but the middle finger will corrupt the youth of America:

But Fox Deportes? They were like, “Si, el dedo es muy bueno!”

conor mcgregor gives dennis siver the finger

After getting flipped off, Siva got thrashed. McGregor won by TKO in the second round. So now he and his middle finger will face Jose Aldo in May for the UFC featherweight title.

Our advice to Aldo? Touch gloves.

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