Huge Rainbow Colored Gospel Choir Sang the Atlanta Hawks Player Intros for MLK Day (Video)

gospel choir performs Atlanta Hawks player intros MLK Day

As strange as this is to say, the Atlanta Hawks can do absolutely no wrong right now. They are smoking hot on the court, winning 13 straight, 18 of their last 20, and 27 of their last 30. They ran an awesome Tinder promotion a few weeks back that took social media by storm. And before last night’s game against the Detroit Pistons, the Hawks did probably the best player introductions in NBA history.

I’m not even kidding about the player intros, either. In honor of Martin Luther King Day—which is a big deal in cities like Atlanta with a strong history of segregation—the Hawks had a huge gospel choir decked out in rainbow-colored robes sing the player intros to a sick funk beat, all while an awesome light show played on the court around them.

I have no idea how much it would cost to do the Atlanta Hawks player intros this way every game, but they really should do the Atlanta Hawks player intros this way every game. It’s fantastic.

See for yourself:

Seriously, how fun is it to be an Atlanta Hawks fan right now?

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