Chinese Dunk Contest Features Hilariously Aweful Dunk Fail (Video)

chinese dunk contest fail

When I saw the words “Chinese dunk contest” I got excited. I thought I was going to see some awesome acrobatic dunks. Have you ever seen a Chinese circus, with the plate spinning and the leaping from pole to pole? They’re amazing.

Unfortunately, I was way off.

Over the weekend, the Chinese Basketball Association held their annual All-Star game, which included a dunk contest, just like the NBA. However, instead of amazing Chinese circus dunks, we got a guy trying to jump over five other guys, failing to clear the first guy, clanking the ball off the rim, and falling on his head.

It was amazing, but probably not in the way he intended. Take a look:

I don’t want to tell the Chinese Basketball Association how to run their league, but I will say that they should probably choose contestants for their All-Star slam dunk contest a little more carefully going forward. It’s not like the CBA has a ton of credibility here in North America, but whatever credibility it had just took a pretty big hit.

Hat Tip – [Barstool Sports]

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