DeAndre Jordan Distracted by Tupac During Interview (Video)

DeAndre Jordan Tupac interview

When we say that DeAndre Jordan of the Los Angeles Clippers was distracted by Tupac during an interview following Monday’s win over the Boston Celtics, we don’t mean he was distracted by the sight of the real life Tupac Shakur.  And we’re not talking about the Tupac lookalike that’s been spotted at Celtics games in the past, either.

Rather, we’re talking about Tupac’s music, which was playing in the background at the Staples Center and seemed to have caused the Clippers’ center to ignore the question he was being asked at the moment.  But rather than pretend he couldn’t hear or try to come up with some sort of suitable answer, DeAndre Jordan just came right out and admitted he was listening to the music, not the reporter.

Check it out:

Looks like DeAndre Jordan found his “Desperado.”

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