Drew Rosenhaus’ Wife Attended a Dan Bilzerian Bikini Boat Party, And It May Have Ruined Marriage (Pics)

drew rosenhaus wife lisa thomson

Here’s a little bit of free marriage advice for everyone: don’t party with playboy poker player Dan Bilzerian. Whether you’re a man or a woman, it will lead to nothing but trouble.

Just ask NFL super agent Drew Rosenhaus and his ridiculously hot, much younger wife, Miami real estate agent Lisa Thomson. On Sunday, police were called to their Miami home for a “domestic dispute.” On Monday, TMZ reported that their epic blowout may have been caused by the fact that Thomson partied with Bilzerian and his posse of bikini babes last month.

I say the blowout may have been caused by this because TMZ has conflicting sources. One says Drew Rosenhaus had no problem at all with the fact that his sexy wife was partying with a guy who is famous pretty much exclusively for nailing hot women. The other source says Rosenhaus really didn’t like the fact that his wife was acting like a “spring break party chick.”

Personally, I believe the second source. According to police reports, Thomson says Drew’s brother called her a “whore” and an “alcoholic” before Drew tossed her some garbage bags and told her to get out. Given the photos that emerged from the Bilzerian bikini boat party, as well as Bilzerian’s reputation for nailing hot women, it’s pretty easy to understand why Rosenhaus would be concerned.

Here’s a group shot:

drew rosenhaus wife dan bilzerian boat party

And lookit, there’s Drew Rosenhaus wife right next to Bilzerian:


drew rosenhaus wife lisa thomson with dan bilzerian

Then there’s this ass-shot:

drew rosenhaus wife lisa thomson bikini pic ass

Now, I’m not saying Drew Rosenhaus can just go around telling his wife what to do. This isn’t 1915. And I’m not saying he’s right to assume she’s cheating on him just because she’s hanging out with Dan Bilzerian. But I would be pretty uncomfortable if my wife was partying with Dan Bilzerian in a skimpy bikini. So if these pics were the cause of the dispute at the Rosenhaus residence on Sunday, I’m not surprised.

Still, nobody beat anybody up or even threatened violence in that domestic dispute. So let’s hope Rosenhaus and Thomson work things out.

drew rosenhaus wife lisa thomson 2

Hat Tip – [NY Daily News]

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