Eddie Lacy’s Mom Sent the Perfect Texts Before and After the Packers Lost the NFC Championship (Pic)

eddi lacy's mom

Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy has no problem admitting he is a momma’s boy. And I can’t blame him. Eddie Lacy’s mom is pretty awesome.

Her name, in case you want to call her something other than Eddie Lacy’s mom, is Wanda Lacy. Though I get the feeling she wouldn’t mind if you just call her Eddie Lacy’s mom. In any case, she has been a pretty big part of her son’s public life since Lacy was winning National Championships at Alabama, and yesterday Lacy reminded everyone of the strong bond they share with a very touching Instagram post.

You see, Wanda Lacy sent her son a couple of absolutely adorable text messages prior to Sunday’s NFC Championship Game. Then, after the Packers’ heartbreaking collapse, she sent him another message.

All of them were absolutely perfect.

Take a look:

How sweet is that?

Go text your mommies, everyone.

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