Julian Edelman Wore a Pretty Douchey Tupac Shirt During Postgame Interview (Video)

Tupac shirt

Julian Edelman‘s personal stylist should be dragged in the street and executed for putting him in a tacky Tupac shirt during his AFC Championship postgame interviews. In all likelihood, Edelman doesn’t have a stylist (which explains the beard), but chose the Tupac shirt because…I don’t know.

The shirt says “Trust Nobody” and has Tupac throwing up middle fingers. It looks like the type of thing that Edelman may have seen in Us Weekly, then bought at Urban Outfitters. You’re so edgy, Julian!

Here’a  Tweet with the aesthetically offensive shirt:

Of course, NBC News had to apologize for offending everyone’s delicate sensibilities by showing the shirt on TV:

And Edelman was forced to cover up for his remaining locker room interviews with the media:

I’m more offended by the beard than the shirt, honestly. Can we get a retraction and a revised apology for making me look at that beard?

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