Did LeBron James or Jimmy Butler Fart During Last Night’s Cavs-Bulls Game? (Video)

Jimmy Butler fart

We’re gonna need to get a group of detectives together to determine if this was a Jimmy Butler fart or LeBron James fart that took place during the Bulls-Cavs game last night.

Both players look like they’re taking terrible offense to the odor, but surely one of them is just keeping up appearances. Unless it was an unprecedented double fart last night. There are all sorts of complicated explanations that we could run to, but there’s also a wild-card explanation that would “clear the air” in the Lebron JamesJimmy Butler fart case.

First, watch the video:

Look between them. Is there any chance, in a million years, that it wasn’t that guy behind them? ┬áThe dude beaming with pride and relief, knowing that he took The King to his knees with a fart? No. There is no chance it wasn’t this guy.

I love the look in the guy’s eyes. He’s like, “Welcome to Cleveland, Jimmy.” LeBron’s just the victim of some friendly fire.

I didn’t watch the game, but I can only imagine that LeBron went to the bench after this and is out for 5-6 weeks with intense sinus trauma.

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