Kind Seahawks Fan Gives His Jersey to Packers Fan Following NFC Championship (Pic)

Seahawks fan gives jersey to Packers fan

Packers fans must have been upset following Green Bay’s 28-22 loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.  So how do you cheer up a distraught Packers fan?  According to one Seahawks fan, you give them a Richard Sherman jersey.

That’s exactly what the Seahwks fan in the image above did to the Packers fan in the image above.  After forcing the young Cheesehead to endure a full game of ridicule, this classy member of the 12th man decided to reward the youngster for his patience with a Richard Sherman Super Bowl jersey.

Here’s the full story, via the KING5 Seattle Instagram page:

Do you know PJ? Let us know! From our Facebook friend Tim, “We attended the Game today and my son and I are Diehard Packers fans (we love the Hawks too). Anyways at the game they was one fan (a 12) who was pretty vulgar to us and said some pretty rude things to me and my 13 year old son Austin who is pictured here in the Favre jersey…the whole game this guy in a Sherman Jersey was talking to us having a good time…offered to trade jerseys with us (but we did not want to give up our Green and Gold). At the end of the game my son congratulated him on a great game and PJ took off his Sherman Super Bowl Jersey and GAVE it to my son. We were moved to tears…the 12’s showed what being a Seahawk fan is truly about. WE are hoping to get a hold of PJ so I could thank him and buy this man a beer…or maybe get him noticed by the hawks so he can get another Richard Sherman Jersey. .the 12’s were really good to us Cheeseheads. God Bless ya Seahawks…go Get another Lombardi!” #seahawks #sb49

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KING5 also got in touch with PJ (the Seahawks fan), who had to say this about his decision to ditch the jersey:

“It was an emotional decision at the time, it was my last year’s Super Bowl jersey and Sherman is my favorite player … you attach memories to that. As awesome as those memories are, that kid is never going to forget that moment and that means more to me than that jersey.”

Classy stuff, 12th man.


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