15 Rules of Gym Etiquette Everyone Needs to Follow

gym etiquette

So you made a New Year’s resolution to get in shape. That’s a good decision. Clichéd, but good. Here’s the problem, though: it’s been a while since you went to the gym on a regular basis. (When did Friends go off the air again?) As a result, you’re a little rusty on the dos and don’ts of gym etiquette.

That’s where we come in. You see, contrary to popular belief, we sports bloggers aren’t slobs with no athletic ability who sit around in our mothers’ basements in our underwear. We’re actually incredibly fit—all of us. We totally know what reps and lats and fitbits are. (They’re protein snacks, right?) So we can help you out with the basics of gym etiquette.

Let’s stop wasting time and get to it, shall we?