Epic Davidson Free Throw Distraction: Four Guys in Speedos, Dancing (Pics)

davidson free throw distraction

On Tuesday night, the Davidson Wildcats handed the #22 Dayton Flyers their first conference loss of the season. That’s not exactly a historic upset. Dayton isn’t Kentucky. But it’s still a nice little win against an A-10 foe.

So how’d they do it? Speedos. Or, more specifically, four guys wearing Speedos, dancing behind the Dayton basket, acting like jackasses every time a Flyers player stepped to the free throw line.

Sure, the Flyers shot .684 from the line, which is actually higher than their season average of .664 from the line. But you know the Speedo guys got in their heads.

Luckily, Ryan Fagan of The Sporting News was at the game to document the brilliant Davidson free throw distraction:

Obviously, this is a blatant imitation of the famous (or is it infamous?) Duke speedo guy. But that’s cool. Nobody at Duke ever thought of multiplying the psychological harm caused by the sight of a guy dancing in a Speedo. So kudos to the folks at Davidson for taking the initiative.

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